A downloadable Social Deduction Game

Ever wish there was a more accessible way into DnD? Played Werewolves and other social deduction games, but found that the setting got boring fast? Find yourself looking for something more fast paced?

Then don't fear - Deceit of Peeps is here!

This game - at its core principles - melds the social deduction and DnD genres together to allow players to figure out who is a truth teller or a liar, all while uncovering a story as a group.

Packaged as a powerpoint, there are 3 Different scenarios, all with different specific rules and playstyles.

1 - Spaceship

Start on a spaceship, deal with every issue that comes with being in space, and get rid of everyone that would mean doom for you and your ship - unless that person is you.

2 - Town

The Town is divided between those that want to see it burn and those that want it to prosper. Do what you can to make it rise to greater heights, or fall to nothingness.

3 - Spin to Win Casino

In a casino, everyone is down on their luck - so its all to play for! With multiple roles with unique abilities and a good set of abilities available to players, play fate and hope that fortune favours you, because when you're out, you're OUT.

If the scenario doesn't fit your liking - make your own! The game comes with various types of blank cards to extend current scenarios, or make completely new ones. If you want to become a DM,  but want to find a simple place to start, this is perfect for your needs.

This game was made for the 48hr Movember Gamejam.

The theme was 60 seconds

the modifiers followed were:

Co-op game

Non-digital game


Include a level editor


Spin to Win

Thanks for reading :D .

Install instructions

To play, once downloaded print out the ppt on double sided paper, in a 4 vertical slide format. there should be around 144 individual cards, including the blanks. Once done, simply order them up, and you will be good to go :D .


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